Rave Reviews

This is terrific!  I just ordered 4 books/CDs.   What a great idea-anyone who has grandkids (we have 8) realizes the need for this.  Can't wait to use it with the kids.  ~ Tom G.  August 2013

Charming presentation and joyously received by my six year old. the story opened other conversations about acheivements and the desire to make other challanges become simple as well.the cd was an added adjunct to her self reading. we were delighted ~ Ruthann Muir  June 2013

Bravo! I adore the brilliant, bouncy, fun song and characters--and the vitally important life lesson. As a former elementary teacher and creator of a national literacy program, I can say unreservedly that this book is an absolute treasure. Its value is not at all confined to the classroom, however. It's an opportunity for a bonding experience between any caring adult and a child who is important in their life. It's a way of saying: "I see you, and I value all that you have done. Awesome!" I highly recommend "When Simple Was Hard to Do" for children ages 2-7, and for the teachers, parents, and grandparents in their lives.

  ~Dr. Marie Carbo  May 2013

As a former educator at the elementary level, I highly recommend this wonderful read and sing along book. Children ages 3-6 will be able to relate to the story and the colorful characters.

This book is a must have in any parent's and grandparent's library. ~ Elaina Worth May 2013

I included this adorable book in a gift I gave to the mother of a newborn. She was so delighted. Not many books "tell" a story and "sing" it as well. Anyone who is a mother or grandparent knows how young children love to hear about their babyhood... so this is a terrific book to have in a child's library. 

~Lee Gulotta May 2013